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Pieces - Page references

The table Piece_Pageref is the one table still containing obsolence for backward compatibility with some of the earlier web application functions. These fields will be removed in the near future. The remaining fields represent a link between the page reference and individual pieces. Links can be labelled as starting, continuing or ending a piece. Currently, it is impossible to indicate the order in which continuation pages should be read (they could be out of order, especially if the source has been rebound), but a fix for this is (probably by giving the PiecePageref ID of the next page

PiecePageref ID integer Auto-increment-generated primary key
* Piece ID integer Join
PiecePageref Ref enum ‘Start’, ‘Continuation’ or ‘Finish’
* Page ID integer Join
PiecePageref Type enum Same as in Pagination. Now obsolete.
PiecePageref Number string Obsolete
PiecePageref System string Numbers for main systems, T, B, L, R (with numbers if necessary) for marginalia.
PiecePageref Item string a is the first item, and so forth down the alphabet (for historical reasons; may change)

Note that the system information marks the first appearance of the piece on a page, so for continuation pages it is usually system 1, item a. Endings are, as yet, unspecified. Given full TabCode, they may be deduced.

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