ECOLM - An Electronic Corpus of Lute Music

The database


Biographical information for a person is stored as a list of events. Starting a job and leaving the job will be registered separately and, currently, there is no way for the computer to know whether two entries refer to the same event (except by looking for clues in the details). The Person_Events table is structured thus:

PersonEvent ID integer Auto-increment-generated primary key
* Person ID integer Join
* Event ID integer Join to a lookup table (see below)
* Place ID Integer Join
PersonEvent Details text Officially unstructured, though for events with beginning and ending entries, it is recommended that the entries are the same or start in the same way.

Event types are specified in the Events table and include birth, marriage, death, jobs, education, imprisonment, divorce, ennoblement, etc.

Event ID integer Auto-increment-generated primary key
Event Type String e.g. ‘Commenced employment’

Dates are attached to events by PersonEvent_Datelink:

PersonEventDatelink ID integer Auto-increment-generated primary key
* Date ID integer Join
* PersonEvent ID integer join

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