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Cluster type: Consort

1. Kassel Partbooks

Cluster type: Generic

2. Courante
Partially auto-generated cluster created by searching for similarly named pieces
3. Galliard
Triple-time dance (partly auto-generated by title)
4. Volta
Triple-time dance (partially auto-generated by title)

Cluster type: Project

5. Lachrimae
“John Dowland’s most famous composition was the evocatively titled Lachrimae pavan. In addition to the several versions for which he was personally responsible, there are countless other settings for virtually every scoring of the time, testifying to the work’s potent resonance in the atmosphere of Elizabethan and Jacobean melancholy. The piece was highly influential on German composers of the 17th century in particular, and spread quickly as part of a larger migration of the English pavan across Europe. Both at home in England and on the Continent, Lachrimae spawned a number of imitations and ‘paraphrases’ that are often of much interest in their own right. As part of a pilot study for the ECOLM research project, encodings of as many versions as possible of the Lachrimae pavan, together with their cognates and imitations, have been assembled in order to carry out a comparative analysis of a type impossible before the advent of computers.”(from the abstract of a paper given by Michael Gale and Tim Crawford at the IMS 17th International Congress (2002) in Leuven)

Cluster type: Work

6. Allemand JBB
7. Almayne Mr Johnson
8. Ballet
9. Ballet la Cloris
10. Ballet Lepin
11. Battle Galliard
12. Bonny Sweet Robin
13. Branle
14. Corrente della regina di Francia
15. Corrente detta l'Onesta
16. Courante
17. Courante
18. Courante
19. Courante
20. Courante
21. Courante
22. Courante
23. Courante
24. Courante
25. Courante

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