ECOLM - An Electronic Corpus of Lute Music

Full TabCode - text items (provisional - not as in original spec.)

Text items are encoded in the form (Tsh:<txt>), where s is either:

and h (optional) is the height in 1/6th line-space units from the top or bottom stave-line, and <txt> is the text-string, which can include space characters.

In the text string, we need some special characters:

\n means new-line character, for multiple-line strings

[Example here]

\f means fermata (pause) character

Encoding: Wd3(T+:\f)

[Example here]

\1, \2 mean first- and second-time bars, respectively

[Example here]

\R means a ‘petite reprise’ sign; often attached to a dashed non-counting barline (see barlines)

Encoding: |=0(T=:\R)