ECOLM - An Electronic Corpus of Lute Music

Basic TabCode - rhythm signs

A rhythm sign, where present, is the first element of a tabword. Generally the symbol above the stave refers to a standard musical rhythm sign. These signs may each be encoded with a single letter:

B= Breve
W= Semibreve (Whole note) A manuscript semibreve
H= Minim (Half note) A minim in print A manuscript minim
Q= Crotchet (Quarter note) A crotchet in print A manuscript crotchet
E= Quaver (Eighth note) A quaver in print A manuscript quaver
S= Semiquaver (Sixteenth note) A semiquaver in print A manuscript semibreve
T= Demisemiquaver (Thirty-second note) A demisemiquaver in print
Y= Hemidemisemiquaver (Sixty-fourth note) A hemidemisemiquaver in a manuscript
Z= Semihemidemisemiquaver (Hundred-and-eigth note)

Note: As with pitch symbols, tablature rhythm-signs indicate relative durations rather than absolute. However, shorter note-values being easier to represent graphically than longer, in the sources one often finds music that at first sight appears to be much faster than it is.