ECOLM - An Electronic Corpus of Lute Music

Full TabCode - ornaments

Click on the ornament in the left column for details of encoding, etc.

Table of Ornaments

Notes on the ornament list (Grove):

  1. For now, if an ornament sign doesn’t appear on the list, add it to the list with a suitable code, but check with TC before using it; I will attempt to keep the central list up to date.
  2. In the case of ornament signs a and c, the default number element in the code is ‘1’, so ‘a’ is the same as ‘a1’; ‘c’ is the same as ‘c1’ (in both cases, these are the most commonly encountered.
  3. In the case of ornament sign a, the number indicates the number of occurrences of this sign before the next tablature letter on that string (sometimes these repetitions - meaning a continuous trill - occur over continuing music on the other strings); the signs are understood to be evenly distributed horizontally. (They could, of course, be separately encoded on the separate tablature chords if preferred, but it should be quicker and more logical this way.)