Creative Projects One:  Digital Arts Computing Project description: The project was intended to make people ask questions on the topic at hand, what I did was […]


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Tryptic: A set of three art pieces usually hinged and appreciated together. My computational artwork aims to represent a game engine tech demo, (many developers use these as a way […]

The Space that Brought Us Here


The space that Brought Us Here is a piece that challenges audiences perception of their surroundings in a more intimate way, though the physical engagement with the piece itself. Screens are […]

Paint A Picture


Project Description ‘Paint a picture’ merely derives from the main aspect of my aim – to create an interactive installation. This particular piece was to get the audience involved and […]



Project Description evoNatural is a collage of animations and still images inspired by the forms and patterns found in nature. It shows the patterns and animations evolving over time and […]

SP0RE, Isabella C. Maund

2016-05-06 (10)

How can we occupy digital space? Can an individual make their presence known in the virtual world? These are questions that sparked my interests in the digital identity and an individuals […]

Door To Door


  Door To Door Jordan Wu Product Description Door to Door is an interactive explorable three-dimensional environment that is experienced through a virtual reality headset in order to fully immerse […]



Initial Ideas Psychological ‘disintegration’ is a subject that fascinates me, on both a personal and conceptual level. The loss of mental cohesion, or emotional deterioration can be brought on by […]

Colour Cue


Colour Cue Haruna Sawai To download the code colourCue.pde Project description In this project, I have created an animation that is projected onto a cuboid surface by mapping them on each […]



>>>|x|<<< (Laimes slotiņa) is a piece linking traditional and in a certain sense sacred latvian patterns and generative design. The designs themselves are based on ancient Latvian symbols representing life […]



Kotryna Sajeviciute RANDOM LIMITATION Photography was and always will be the best thing I like to do and explore. I had a lot of ideas for the project, but eventually […]

“When our eyes meet”

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Project Description Link to zip file : eyes “When our eyes meet”, was a visual piece, displayed on a relatively large monitor in the exhibition Symbiosis. This work contained various human […]



noFaceForNames is an installation created to highlight various issues I care about and as part of an overarching project of mine (Future Soon). It is an exploration of life extension […]

AR with L-Systems

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Project Description Throughout our project we researched into Augmented Reality (AR) and our resulting final product was an A5 zine which uses a marker to augment the page through the […]

Making Some Noise


http://gitlab.doc.gold.ac.uk/cshep002/SoundsVisualTranscoder Creative Computing year2 2016 Introduction: Initially my project hoped to define and implement a physical, meaningful link between visual and auditory processes within the computer. Specifically working from the […]

“2059” – By Jason & Nish


Project Description 2059 is a graphical interactive fiction game based on a WWIII scenario. Touching on the 7 deadly sins, the player confides in a mandatory computing system that has […]

Laser Burst

Improved Combined Sketch

Project Description I have studied and practiced music from a young age, therefore music has played a significant role in my creative practices. As a current music computing student, I […]



http://selfimagepublications.org/minecraft-spider-png?adoff Spider ! spider! was supposed to be a program in which  you would be able to  interact with a realistic spider, this was to be done by using the […]

By Ahmed &Eoin


  Project Description The idea for our project was to have graphics synchronized with MP3 audio to create an engaging piece that would have a lasting effect on our intended […]

Patricio and Akhil project

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Project Description We have created a program that produces music and a visual representation of the sound according to its frequency and levels, which would be presented as stand alone […]


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N.B. A few of the clips have been sped up severalfold to fit into a video of somewhat bearable length. A couple of results: (The architecture can be both mapped onto the […]



by Akira Fiorentino and Uyen Tran Hong Le   Project Description XPLOR is an immersive exploration game / visual experience, viewed from a top-down perspective, where the player moves in 2D […]

Growth of Dependency


‘Growth of Dependency’ by Sapphira Abayomi.   Project Description  Growing up I found my passion for art through painting and very palpable materials. As my art practice developed I transitioned […]

Lux – Dat & Kevin

Lux Feature Image

  We wanted to build a creative tool which encouraged users to explore visual aspects of light painting by adding their own creative flair to a blank digital environment. We […]

Wobble – By Johan & Cormac


Project Description We have created an environmental synthesizer which scans its location and interprets light and topographical information to produce sound. The device, named Wobble, is designed with the intent […]

Ditto – Delaunay

Goldsmiths - Ditto - Delaunay

Some examples of Ditto – Delaunay: Ditto-Delaunay is a piece of software that breaks down images into triangular segments and, from these segments, attempts to create a new image. The […]



‘Kaleidattoo’ by Djamel Ouddane   Part of the Goldsmiths Digital Arts Computing degree exhibition ‘Symbiosis‘    Link to zip file: Kaleidattoo   Introduction   For as long as I can […]

Special Characters

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  Special Characters Project description: Special Characters is the project that you saw at the entrance of the St James Hatcham Church. If you came at the Symbiosis exhibition, you saw […]

Flik Wolf Project Year 2


Git Repository HTTP: http://gitlab.doc.gold.ac.uk/fwolf001/Flik_Wolf_Creative_Project.git SSH: git@gitlab.doc.gold.ac.uk:fwolf001/Flik_Wolf_Creative_Project.git What is Dragonorb Dragonorb is a tile based JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) that I have been developing with C++. In dragonorb the player […]


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ADDA By William Primett and Vytautas Niedvaras Project Description ADDA is a musical performance that uses embodied technologies and muscle stimulation hardware. We’ve made a pair of sensory gloves that will […]