Project Description

evoNatural is a collage of animations and still images inspired by the forms and patterns found in nature. It shows the patterns and animations evolving over time and branching into the screen.

The Process


I started off by looking into stochastic processes. Stochastic is a word used to describe something that becomes unpredictable, to a certain degree, due to a random variables influence. A simple example of a stochastic process would be throwing a dice or flipping a coin multiple times. The outcomes can be guessed but not predicted precisely which as it there are not many outputs in comparison to a stochastic process with a high degree of randomness, as the probability of getting the same result can be near impossible.This then led to me look at the artists Pery Burge, Yoshiyuki Abe and Harold Cohen.

Pery Burge is a British artist who uses paint and ink in water then photographs and videos the process. She used to be a painter but due to a strain injury she couldn’t continue and she then stumbled across the idea of using ink and water as an medium for her art. She believes that ‘nature is the best artist’ and her aim is to ‘reveal its unsurpassed beauty and variety.'[2] At first, she worked at home with a bowl of water and ink and paint. This got her started on her ‘inksplosions’. She first started by trying to get ink moving without having to intervene by using it within water which let the ink flow naturally. Then she became a resident artist at Exeter University where she used the specialised equipment such as a tank to create her work. Later on, she started experimenting with natural light going through glass, calling these ‘Lightscapes’, and taking pictures up close of the movement. She has also looked at the patterns found on soap film and taken pictures as the pattern develops. The inspiration for her work is natural processes and she tries to create pictures and videos that reflect this.

Harold Cohen is a British artist who created AARON, a software cyberartist designed to create its own paintings and art. The program used the rules of objects and body elements (pattern recognition), that were taught through lists, which contained the fundamental rules and relationships between them, to learn how to draw and images were never shown to the program for reference.


The project is split into many different smaller sketches, each sketch making up one element of the final piece.

I started with recreating fractal and recursive patterns such as koch curves and l-systems and then went into creating my own patterns such as the rotating petal pattern found at the endow my piece.

While I was creating the different sketches there were a few problems that occurred. When I was creating the growing tree pattern it was hard to get it to look and work exactly how I wanted it to and it was hard to convert the code from processing to c++. This resulted in the project taking longer than expected. Another problem was how to put all the bits together, it was originally going to have all the animations running in one sketch but this was not possible as this would make the sketch unable to run as the program would be unable to render every animation at the same time.  So I decided to video all the different animated elements into videos and put them all together into one video


I used blender to create and put together the final video and it took a while to learn as I had never used the video editor in blender before.


When in the gallery, I got comments about the influences of my work, it was thought that it may have some Japanese influence. Although, this was not the case, I could see how the colours and look of the work could show this. I also got comments saying how the work was quite hypnotic, I would think this was maybe due to the way the rotational patterns move. This was something that drew the audience into the work, along with the bright colours.

Overall it did not turn out exactly as planned, it was made a bit more simple than it was originally going to be. I would have liked, if I had more time to create more videos or make the one video more varied. I could of done better if I maybe made more sketches and created  more than one video.






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