Interactive Audio Piece

Fingerboard therrmine

The original idea of my project was to make an interactive audio piece, linking audio synthisis with the pyshical world to create an original way of manipulating sound. Blurring the line between noise and music, analog and digital and exploring the possibilities of the digital media. Concretely the project was to consiste in a simple way of interacting which was to permit a large and varied  range of outputs. Three strings stretched across a wooden plank, an electric current passing through each one of them. This enables simple but sufficient possibilities of interaction, the wires’s voltage change when they are touched (the human body being conductive), in addition to that “binary” input, the wires’s resistance is variable and increases as the cord is being stretched, this more continusous data gives us the possibility of a “glissando” effect.

The project’s idea is based on early electronic instrument such as the theremine and the fingerboard theremine, these instruments, while they still somewhat resemble standard instruments, in sound and appearance, they already have distinctively “electronic” features, they are at the intersection of those two worlds.


Fingerboard therrmine                                                                                                                                                             Fingerboard thermine


In a similar way my project sits at the same intersection, between the analog and the digital, the data from the input is in analog form, it is converted and processed in digital bits, to finaly return as analog in the output.

Final result