Rachel Lavin

Digital & Data Journalist

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I am a freelance Digital and Data Journalist, skilled in digital story-telling and data research, analysis and visualisation.
I can code custom websites and data visualisations using HTML, CSS, Javascript and custom D3 interactive charts.
See some examples of the type of data tools I work with and the styles of digital story-telling I practise below.

Digital Story-telling:


Foreign Policy:
How Ireland beat the Dark Ads


Long-read done in collaboration with Foreign Policy - Original data research with adaption of d3 charts and gephi vizualisation of 400k tweets.


Online Battlelines: How Ireland's abortion referendum was fought online


Three-part website with original data analysis and visualisation of Facebook dark ads, Twitter bots and misinformation campaigns online.


Crossing the Divide:
Exploring the Luas's Dublin divide


Digital longread exploring economic and social metrics with original data research, visualisation and slow motion video.


The Bureau Local: Fellowship portfolio of D3 Interactive Graphs


Reflection on the work I did for the Bureau as a 2017 Google News Lab fellow, including an article on their new venture, the Bureau Local.


The Agenda Archive - A Database of Diaries


A database exploring 10 years of diaries of Irish government Ministers, created in collaboration with FOI NGO TheStory.ie


A Woman's Place in Modern Ireland: The Data on Sexual Violence


This piece gathers all available data on sexual violence against women in Ireland today - analysing and visualising with C3.js.


Death of the Travellers: Mortality rates in the Travelling Community


A look at mortality rates in the Irish travelling community - using W3 to code and basic templating software to visualise the data.


The War on Clubs: Why is London's nightlife dying?


An indepth piece examining the causes of London's recent nightclub closures using mutli-media elements and CSS styling with UIkit.

Data Visualisation Tools:

Static & Interactive Graphs

For industry-standard data visualisations, custom-coded graphs, such as The Financial Times open-sourced D3 templates, can be styled and applied to print, video, web and social. Interactive charts are more dynamic and can range from charts that change in color, size or information visible when responded to (using javascript templates C3.js or Amcharts). However D3.js, the industry standard for creative interactive charts, can move and present data in novel ways for uniquely styled data-driven documents.

D3 Templates
D3 Interactives

Digital Maps

Map types, including dot density maps, chloropleths & heat maps can be created through templating software such as Flourish, Carto B or Leaflet.js but more complex custom-coded shapefiles, specific to countries or regions, can be adapted with D3, a data-driven document that can represent a large dataset of GPS locations and style them unique to the dataset.

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