Rachel Lavin

About me

I am a freelance Digital and Data Journalist, skilled in digital story-telling and data research, analysis and visualisation.

I have recently completed a Masters in Digital Journalism from Goldsmiths University of London and previously worked with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the Sunday Independent, The Irish Independent, The Herald, Image Magazine and the Roscommon Herald.

I am specifically skilled in HTML, CSS, Javascript and custom D3 maps and charts.

What is Digital Story-telling?

Tell big stories in a big way.

Ever since The New York Times published the landmark 'Snowfall' in 2012, digital story-telling features have dominated the Pulitzer Prize nominations list.

Readers appreciate new ways of telling stories and with digital story-telling media organisations can embrace the design possibilities only digital platforms can offer, integrating custom-built web-pages, a broad array of multi-media and interactive features to create 'statement' pieces online.

Digital story-telling doesn't just help keep eyes on the page and get social media talking. It helps media organisations stand out amidst the crowd online, attract loyal readers and subscribers, and build a reputation as a creative brand leader in the competitive online media marketplace, telling stories in new ways and telling them well.

What is Data Journalism?

Data Journalism involves using computational methods to investigate and present stories in ways you couldn’t otherwise.

It is an exciting emerging discipline taking advantage of a relatively untapped resource for journalists - data. According to IBM, 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past two years, with vast data-sets buried in the internet, government websites and large databases and reports online.

Potentially, you can pull hundreds of story angles from a data-set. However, it’s also a complex process, requiring specific coding skills and training in different programming languages in order to scrape, analyse and visualise large data-sets. Data journalists combine these coding skills with journalism know-how, using their expertise to scrape, curate and analyse large datasets.

Large datasets can then be visualised through data-driven coding languages, transforming complex data into easily digestible visuals - be that simple traditional static graphs or innovative interactive viusalisations using custom-coded D3.js.

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