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About Guppy

Guppy is a swarm simulator.  It is designed to simulate any system that consists of a team of agents moving through an environment.  When complete, Guppy will contain a large range of biologically and physically-inspired behaviours that can be implemented in agents, and a range of domains which these behaviours can be applied to. 

Guppy is programmed in Java.  The in-built Guppy interfaces allow researchers to easily create their own swarm behaviours and environments to simulate in Guppy.  Simulations using existing behaviours and environments can be designed and run without any programming in Java. The results of simulations can be printed or displayed.

Guppy is being developed at Goldsmiths College as part of the eXtended Particle Swarms research project.


The latest version is the first version – 0.1.  At this stage, the system is not available for download, but we plan to release later versions.

If you are interested in getting involved in the development of Guppy, email us here.  Guppy is being developed with CVS, so to be involved in the development of Guppy, you will need CVS.


None yet - Coming soon!


Guppy is currently being developed by Tim Blackwell, Toby Richer and Dan Bratton.  This website is administered by Toby Richer.


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