Broadly speaking I am interested in the structure and representation theory of finite groups, and in combinatorial objects upon which such groups may act. Within these areas I am interested in developing computational algorithms and techniques for computing with concrete examples, especially when these examples seem out of reach of the existing methods and technology.

I’ve also got a bit of a side-line in static program analysis. Just for fun.

Find me on MathSciNet (if you have access to it).

Here are some things I am working on:

I enjoy seminars in the school, including the London Algebra Colloquium, the Monday pure mathematics seminar, sometimes the dynamical systems seminar, and the representation theory study group where I regularly contribute.

I also enjoy conferences! Maybe you’ve seen me at one.

Octad of the week.

A road sign.

Some stuff

Retirement calculator written using KnockoutJS and Twitter Boostrap.

Using TrueType fonts in LaTeX.

Using Times or Palatino in LaTeX, including equations.

Placing the end of proof symbol nicely in LaTeX.

Maths notes

Paper models of polyhedra.

Controlling TYPE/CREATOR codes and dealing with evil wicked file extensions in MacOS X.

A macro to help making box plots in Excel

Autographed Dynkin diagrams.

Compiling the MeatAxe on MacOS X.

Sometimes I make websites for people.

More stuff.

I have finally been ejected into the private sector where I am Head of Spend Analysis. I made a carbon footprint analysis thingamajig too.

Please buy one, or form a limited company!