Enhancing the Object

Interpretation and Engagement in Museums and Galleries

National Liberal Club, London

16th of June, 2010


In recent years there has been a growing interest in developing new techniques and technologies to enhance engagement in museums and galleries. These developments have been driven a growing commitment to enable a more flexible and varied interpretation of collections and to encourage participation, even cooperation and collaboration, amongst visitors in museums and galleries.

The aim of the colloquium is to bring together curators, designers, educationalists, as well as academics from the social and computer sciences to discuss exemplars, case studies, and demonstrations of these developments. We wish to explore how they serve to enhance our experience of objects and collections and to discuss the new forms of engagement and participation they create in museums and galleries. We with to consider future developments and the ways in which we can preserve integrity of objects whilst exploiting the opportunities afforded by new techniques and technologies and to reflect on the research agenda that needs to be developed to examine, inform and assess these innovations.

To maximize discussion and debate, the colloquium will consist of a series of short presentations primarily providing exemplars and case studies. The number of participants will be limited to fifty.

Robert Zimmer from Goldsmiths College London

Christian Heath, Dirk vom Lehn and Paul Luff from Kings College London