CIS310 - Artificial Intelligence

Dept of Computing, Goldsmiths
Academic year 2003-2004
Instructor: Dr Rodger Kibble
"For some, AI is a true scientific discipline, that has made important and fundamental contributions to the use of computation for our understanding of the nature and phenomena of the human mind. For others, AI is the black art of computer science".

Michael Wooldridge and Manuela Veloso, 1999.


Study Guide
Artificial Intelligence by Chris Fox, University of London, 1997.
Main Text
Ivan Bratko, Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence 3rd edition 2001.
Goldsmiths Library has several copies of this and the 2nd edition, which is still useful for the purposes of this course.
Artificial Intelligence, a Modern Approach (2nd Edition),
Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, Prentice Hall International, 2002.
Goldsmiths Library has several copies of the 1st edition, which is still useful for the purposes of this course.
Artificial Intelligence Rob Callan, 2003.
Logic, Wilfrid Hodges, Penguin. There is a second edition but the first edition will be quite adequate; Goldmiths library has several copies and it frequently turns up in second-hand shops.
Library books
The following books are stocked in the library and are worth consulting for at least some parts of the course though they are not necessarily recommended for purchase:
The essence of artificial intelligence Alison Cawsey
Artificial Intelligence: a new synthesis Nils J. Nilsson.
Artificial intelligence: structures and strategies for complex problem solving George Luger
Essentials of artificial intelligence Matt Ginsberg.
Artificial Intelligence Elaine Rich and Kevin Knight
Background (optional)
The Mind's I, ed. Dennet and Hofstadter, or Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence ed. M Boden especially chapters by Turing and Searle (in both books).
Turing by Andrew Hodges, a slim volume which only costs £2.
Chapter 23, "Logic-based Databases", in Introduction to Database Systems, CJ Date, 2000.


Thursday 10.00 - 12.00 Barriedale building.
Thursday 15.00 - 16.00 Small Hall
Thursday 11.00 - 12.00 as announced, Hatcham House.
Assignment 1: given out Oct 30 (week 5), due Nov 20 (week 8)
Assignment 2: given out Dec 11 (week 11), due Jan 15 (week 1 term 2)
Office hours
Wednesday 14.00 - 15.00, Thursday 14.00 - 15.00
Note that Thursday 11.00 - 12.00 is a lecture/lab slot. The next (and last) lab will be on December 11th.

Restricted Area

Assignments and model solutions will be distributed here. Access by password is restricted to Goldsmiths staff and internal students.