Schedule for CIS310 - Artificial Intelligence

Dept of Computing, Goldsmiths
Academic year 2003-2004
Instructor: Dr Rodger Kibble
Week Topic Notes Reading
1 Course Overview
Prolog revision
What is AI? (slides: PostScript, PDF version)
Study Guide ch. 1
AIMA ch. 1
2 - 3 Search and Problem Solving Uninformed Search:
Breadth-first, Depth-First
Iterative Deepening
PDF, PostScript
Informed Search: Greedy, A*
PDF, PostScript
Study Guide ch. 3
Russell and Norvig chs. 3, 4
Bratko ch. 11
4 - 5 Knowledge Representation
and Logic
Deductive databases PDF, PostScript
Knowledge-based systems
slides PDF, PostScript
figures PDF, PostScript
Propositional Logic and Proof theory PDF, PDF figures, PostScript
Study Guide ch 4
CJ Date, Introduction to Database Systems, ch 23 (optional)
Bratko chs 15 - 16 (2nd ed: 14 - 15)or
Russell and Norvig chs to be announced
Hodges sections 16-23, 25, 34-40.
6 Reading Week
7 Logic (cont.) Predicate Calculus
PDF, PostScript
As weeks 4 - 5.
8-10 Predicate calculus (cont.)
Natural Language
Natural language and formal languages
slides: PostScript, PDF;
figure: PostScript, PDF
Grammars and Parsing Deductive Parsing
Context-free Grammars
slides: PostScript, PDF
Natural Language Semantics
Study Guide ch. 6
AIMA ch. 22
Bratko ch. 21
Clocksin and Mellish ch. 9
10-11 Philosophy of AI
Turing Test, Chinese Room
PostScript, PDF
Study Guide ch. 7
Russell and Norvig ch. 26
Computing Machinery and Intelligence by Alan Turing
Is the Brain a Digital Computer? by John Searle