Goldsmiths Under Construction

A look at campus 2014-15 transformation

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The transformation of the iconic St James Hatcham church is now complete. The building, acquired in 2011 by Goldsmiths, is now a 4-storey multi-use facility that will be used for teaching, exhibitions, performances and studios.

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St James Hatcham: an artistic hub

St James Hatcham project highlights:

  • Preservation of original elements: stained glass, mural paintings, arch decorations, stone finish.
  • Installation of heating, ventilation, IT power, security and fire Systems.
  • Surround sound and video multifunctional room with mechanically-ventilated doors, metal frame lighting grid, acoustic treatment to walls, baffles and AV system.
  • Insulation of ceilings where possible. Timbers repaired, overhauled and redecorated.
  • New railing structure to add new dimension to exhibition area.

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